Ute collides with Jetstar A320 at Sydney Airport

Photo via @AFlyGuyTravels Twitter/X

An airport service vehicle has collided with a Jetstar Airbus A320 under tow at Sydney airport, causing damage to the aircraftโ€™s number two engine nacelle.

The ground collision occurred earlier morning at around 5:30 AM, whilst the Jetstar Airbus was being towed to the terminal gate.

Ground collision at Sydney Airport

A Sydney Airport utility vehicle collided with the aircraft under tow, with the cab of the light utility becoming wedged underneath the starboard engine nacelle.

According to the local news source Channel 9 News, the driver of the airport service vehicle was subsequently taken to Sydneyโ€™s Prince of Wales Hospital suffering minor injuries as a result of the collision.

The Jetstar narrowbody Airbus was empty at the time of the incident, and was being positioned to the gate by a tow vehicle.

The aircraft was scheduled to operate as flight JQ760 from Sydney to Adelaide, South Australia later in the morning.


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Damage to a Jetstar Airbus at Sydney Airport
Photo via @AFlyGuyTravels Twitter/X

The damage sustained by the aircraft rendered it unserviceable, and the airline was forced to cancel the flight as a result of the ground collision. Passengers were subsequently transferred to later flights to make the trip to Adelaide.

The aircraft involved in this morningโ€™s incident is an Airbus A320-232 registered VH-VGJ; a 13.3-year-old narrowbody aircraft belonging to the Australian carrier Jetstar.

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