United Flight Washington-Amsterdam Diverts to Halifax

United Flight Washington-Amsterdam Diverts to Halifax
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It has emerged that a United Airlines flight from Washington to Amsterdam Schiphol had to divert to Halifax due to a engine oil leak.

Incident: United Airlines Flight From Washington Diverts to Halifax…

United Flight Washington-Amsterdam Diverts to Halifax
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United Airlines flight UA946 is a routine scheduled flight between Washington Dulles and Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

The affected rotation was operated by N28912, one of the airline’s Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner aircraft, which was involved in this diversion to Halifax.

As per data from Planespotters.net, N28912 is a 9.4 year old aircraft, which was delivered to the airline back in June 2014.

Of the 787-8 variant, the U.S carrier has 12 of them, of which 11 are in active service, and have an average age of 10.4 years.

United Airlines flight UA946 departed Washington Dulles at 2228 local time on November 3, and proceeded eastbound in the direction of Amsterdam Schiphol.

Upon reaching the Atlantic Ocean, a decision was made to turn back and divert to New York Newark, which was the initial diversion change.

As per The Aviation Herald, it’s understood that the crew onboard noticed the Amsterdam-bound flight had a low oil quantity in the left engine.

After consulting with technicians from the air, they opted to divert to Newark, however they noticed the oil quantity got even lower, and declared a PAN over Canadian airspace.

This resulted ultimately in a diversion to Halifax, where it was noted by the Canadian authorities that the oil cap for the left hand engine was unsecured, which would have caused this leak.

N28912 then positioned over to Chicago O’Hare the next day following this incident.

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