United 787 to San Francisco Returns to Singapore With Issue

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In the last hour or so, it has been revealed that a United Airlines Boeing 787 operating a flight to San Francisco has returned to Singapore with a operational issue onboard.

Information is limited surrounding this incident.

Here is what we know so far…

United Airlines UA28 – Singapore-San Francisco…

United 787 to San Francisco Returns to Singapore With Issue
Data provided by RadarBox.com.
United 787 to San Francisco Returns to Singapore With Issue
Mark Harkin, CC BY 2.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

United Airlines flight UA28 is a routine scheduled flight between Singapore and San Francisco.

The aircraft involved in the incident is N26967.

As per data from Planespotters.net, N26967 is a 7.9 year old Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner that was delivered to the airline in June 2016.

Of the 787-9 variant, UA has 38 of them in the fleet, of which all but two are in active service.

Furthermore, average fleet age for the variant at the airline stands at 6.7 years.

United Airlines flight UA28 departed from Singapore at 2120 SGT time and initially climbed out to San Francisco.

Upon reaching Kota Kinabalu, the aircraft made a u-turn back to SIN.

It is understood that the aircraft landed safely back into Changi Airport at 0058 SGT time.

“Operational Issue”, Says UA Website…

Source: United Airlines Website.

The United Airlines website states that UA28 from Singapore has been cancelled.

This is due to what the airline is putting down as a “operational issue”.

Furthermore, this would indicate some sort of technical fault with the aircraft.

As soon as we get more information pertinent to this incident, then we will update you accordingly.

For now, this remains a developing story.

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