United 777 To San Francisco: Emergency Return to New York

United 777 To San Francisco: Emergency Return to New York
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A United Airlines Boeing 777 bound for San Francisco had to make an emergency return to New York Newark due to a hydraulic issue.

Incident: United 777 To San Francisco: Emergency Return to New York…

United 777 To San Francisco: Emergency Return to New York
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United Airlines flight UA648 is a routine scheduled flight between New York Newark and San Francisco, with the affected rotation being operated by N792UA.

As per data from Planespotters.net, N792UA is a 26.3 year old Boeing 777-200 that was delivered to the carrier back in September 1997.

Of the 777-200 variant, the U.S carrier has 74 of them in the fleet, of which 69 are in active service and five are currently parked, offering an average age of 24.6 years.

United Airlines flight UA648 departed New York Newark at 0856 local time on December 10 and initially proceeded westbound to San Francisco.

Upon reaching the Maryland area, the aircraft made a u-turn and a steady descent back to it’s origin airfield, where it landed safely following this incident.

As per The Aviation Herald, it is understood that the crew stopped their climb at 28,000 feet due to a hydraulic failure onboard the aircraft.

It is understood that a replacement Boeing 777-200 was utilised by United Airlines to complete the journey to San Francisco from New York Newark.

Looking at N792UA’s data, it looks as if the problem was minor as the aircraft was back in service the next day, and has been operating flights to the likes of San Francisco, Tokyo & Milan.

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