Two Women Arrested on Vistara Flight in New Delhi: Bomb Jokes

Two Women Arrested on Vistara Flight in New Delhi: Bomb Jokes
Photo Credit: Airbus.

It has been revealed that two passengers were arrested on a Vistara flight from New Delhi to Mumbai last month due to making bomb-related jokes on the plane.

More information has surfaced regarding this incident, so here is what we know so far.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

UK975 – New Delhi to Mumbai…

Two Women Arrested on Vistara Flight in New Delhi: Bomb Jokes
Data provided by
Two Women Arrested on Vistara Flight in New Delhi: Bomb Jokes
Md Shaifuzzaman Ayon, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Vistara flight UK975, which was involved in the bomb joke incident and the arrest of the two women, is a routine scheduled flight between New Delhi and Mumbai.

The aircraft involved in the incident is registered as VT-TNF.

As per data from, VT-TNF is a 6.5 year old Airbus A320neo.

It was delivered to the Indian carrier back in December 2017.

Of the A320neo variant, Vistara has 53 of them in the fleet, of which all are in active service.

Furthermore, average age for the variant at the airline stands at 3.3 years.

As we can see from RadarBox data, Vistara flight UK975 departed New Delhi for Mumbai over two hours late due to this bomb joke incident resulting in the arrest of the two women.

It was able to depart at 0747 local time on March 29 and landed safely into the destination at 1004 local time.

How The Situation Unfolded…

Photo Credit: Airbus.

Aviation A2Z was able to document the incident, following information received by the outlet.

On Vistara flight UK975, a passenger received information that resulted in the need to disembark.

During that process, it is understood that two women started making jokes about airline security.

They were reported by another passenger on the plane, where bomb threat procedures were carried out.

Furthermore, the two women were then removed and arrested from Vistara flight UK975 New Delhi to Mumbai due to the bomb jokes made.

It is unclear after that what punishment the two women will receive following this incident.

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