Two EVA Air aircraft damaged in Taipei ground handling incident

Winglet of an EVA Air Airbus A321 is shown impacting with nose cone of parked EVA Air Boeing 777.
Photo via Twitter

On the evening of Sunday 16 April, two EVA Air aircraft suffered structural damage during a ground handling incident at a Taipei airport.

An EVA Air Airbus A321-200, registered B-16227, was under tow on an apron area at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) when its starboard wingtip collided with a parked Eva Air Boeing 777-300.

Photo via Twitter


The wingtip of the A321 under tow struck the nose assembly of the stationary Boeing 777-300, registered B-16740, causing significant damage to the nose structure of that aircraft.

Similarly, the winglet assembly of the A321 under tow suffered serious damage.

According to new outlet ET Today, EVA Air Services stated that the incident occurred when the driver of the tow truck accidentally entered the apron while turning on the taxiway.

Photo via Twitter

About Eva Air

EVA Air is a Taiwanese airline based in Taipei that operates scheduled flights to destinations across Asia, North America, Europe, and Oceania. The airline was founded in 1989 and began operations in 1991.

EVA Air’s fleet consists mainly of Boeing 777 and Airbus A321 aircraft, with some Boeing 787s and Airbus A330s. shows the carrier’s current fleet tally as being:

  • 20 Airbus A321
  • 12 Airbus A330
  • 47 Boeing 777
  • 11 Boeing 787

As of 2021, the airline was operating flights to over 60 destinations across the world, including cities such as Hong Kong, Tokyo, Los Angeles, London, and Sydney.

The airline has positioned itself as a premium carrier and is one of the two largest Taiwanese airlines.

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