Turkish Airlines Flight Bangkok-Istanbul Suffers Cabin Issue

Turkish Airlines Flight Bangkok-Istanbul Suffers Cabin Issue
Photo Credit: James Field/AviationSource

A Turkish Airlines Airbus A330 from Bangkok to Istanbul suffered an issue with cabin pressurisation, forcing a return back to the Thai capital.

Incident: Turkish Airlines Flight Bangkok-Istanbul Suffers Cabin Issue…

Turkish Airlines Flight Bangkok-Istanbul Suffers Cabin Issue
Data provided by RadarBox.com.

Turkish Airlines flight TK59 was a routine scheduled flight between Bangkok and Istanbul, and was operated by TC-JOJ, one of the airline’s Airbus A330 aircraft.

As per data from Planespotters.net, TC-JOJ is a 8.3 year old airframe which was delivered to the airline back in June 2015. It is one of the -300 variant aircraft of the A330.

Within the fleet, Turkish Airlines has 36 of them, of which 34 are in active service and two are parked.

They also have 21 of the -200 variant, of which all of them are currently in active service from the airline’s hub of Istanbul.

As per The Aviation Herald, the departure out of Bangkok was normal and nothing to be concerned about.

Upon climbing to FL270, this is when the issues arose, with cabin pressure dropping completely, forcing an emergency descent and a turn back to the Thai capital.

The Istanbul-bound flight landed back into Thailand around 80 minutes after it’s departure, and landed safely following this incident.

It is understood also that due to a technical failure onboard the airplane, the oxygen masks didn’t deploy, hence why the descent rate was a lot quicker than usual for such depressurisation incidents.

TC-JOJ has been back in the air from Istanbul since the incident in Bangkok and has operated a series of flights already.

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