Thai AirAsia X A330: Landing Gear Problem in Osaka

byeangel from Tsingtao, China, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

A Thai AirAsia X flight operating from Osaka to Bangkok was forced to return to the origin airport with undercarriage issues on 24 May 2024.

Thai AirAsia X flight XJ613, an Airbus A330-300, had departed from Osaka Kansai airport and was on climb when the landing gear problem was detected.

Having departed from RWY24L, flight crew were unable to retract the landing gear.

Thai AirAsia X XJ613 Osaka-Bangkok

The flight crew subsequently terminated the climb and entered a holding pattern procedure in order to troubleshoot the problem. The flight path shows that two separate holding procedures were conducted in the proximity of the origin airport.

Following the second period of holding, the aircraft’s flight crew elected to make a precautionary return to Osaka Kansai airport.

Return to Kansai (KIX)

Following the approach to the airport, the aircraft conducted a low level fly past, presumably to permit the visual inspection of the landing gear.

A second approach was then conducted to a final landing, which was carried out without incident.

Flight data shows that Thai AirAsia X flight XJ613 made an on-time departure out of Kansai airport at 09:52 local time on 24 May.

An initial period of holding was conducted at flight level FL130 (13,000 feet). Following this, the aircraft repositioned and conducted a further holding procedure to the south of the airport.

byeangel from Tsingtao, China, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The flight did not declare a formal emergency and continued with the subsequent return under a normal squawk code.

The aircraft conducting the XJ613 service to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) was an Airbus A330-300, registered HS-XTI.

This is a 15.5 year old wide-body aircraft belonging to the carrier Thai AirAsia X. It has been in operational service with the airline since September 2018.

Prior to its service with the carrier it operated with Singapore Airlines from its initial delivery in January 2009.

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