Small Prop Plane Crashes in Water on New Hampshire Beach

Small Prop Plane Crashes in Water on New Hampshire Beach

A Piper PA-18-150 Super Cub crashed into the water following engine troubles on Hampton Beach in New Hampshire earlier today.

Scene from the Accident on the New Hampshire Beach…


Courtesy of FL360aero on Twitter, it was mentioned that the aircraft’s engine was “heard sputtering out before it hit the water”, indicating a loss of power on the aircraft.

It is understood that the aircraft in question was N4890P, which is an aircraft that is over 60 years old, having been given its airworthiness certificate back in March 1962, as per FlightAware data.

Following the crash on the New Hampshire beach, it was reported that the pilot survived the accident and was rescued by lifeguards. No one else was onboard the aircraft.

The aircraft has been based in the New Hampshire area since May 2014 and is co-owned, according to such data.

Small Prop Plane Crashes in Water on New Hampshire Beach

Its last action date was in January 2023, so the aircraft has had work applied to it in the last six to seven months.

Other than that, there is not that much more information on the aircraft and what comes next. The NTSB will no doubt begin an investigation into the supposed loss of power on the prop aircraft, which resulted in it coming down on the water near the beach.

For now, all we can do is sit back and wait to see the report from the regulatory bodies on this accident, with more to follow in due course.

This remains a developing story. Be sure to continue to follow updates on the AviationSource website as we get them from New Hampshire!

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