Ryanair Flight to Belfast Returns to Faro Due to Problem

Ryanair Boeing 737-800
Kasevutzki, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

It has emerged that a Ryanair flight to Belfast has returned to Faro due to an unspecified problem currently, causing inbound flights to hold.

Incident: Ryanair Flight to Belfast Returns to Faro Due to Problem…

Ryanair Flight to Belfast Returns to Faro Due to Problem
Data provided by RadarBox.com.

Ryanair flight FR9561 is a routine scheduled flight between Faro and Belfast Aldergrove Airport, with today’s rotation being operated by EI-EVK, one of the airline’s Boeing 737-8AS aircraft.

As per data from Planespotters.net, EI-EVK is a 11.7 year old airframe that was delivered to the Irish low-cost carrier back in March 2012.

Of that variant of aircraft, the Irish subsidiary of the carrier have 222 units of the type, of which 217 are in service and five are currently parked, offering an average age of 14.2 years.

Within the whole Ryanair group, there is 410 units of the type, of which 401 are in active service and nine are currently parked.


FR9561 departed Faro at 0749 local time this morning, and headed north towards Belfast Aldergrove Airport.

Upon reaching the Alvalade area, FR9561 then made a u-turn back to the Portuguese airport.

The crew on EI-EVK initially made an approach into the airport but then had to perform a go-around, resulting in a series of holds to the south of the airport.

From there, it appeared to have made a safe landing back into Faro, with no indication into when the aircraft is continuing on to Belfast.

Following its arrival into the Portuguese airport, RadarBox reported that multiple flights are holding at the time of writing (1010 UK time) following this landing, indicating that the aircraft may still be on the runway.

This remains a developing story. AviationSource will approach Ryanair for a comment on the reason for the return to Faro as well as the reason to not continue on to Belfast.

UPDATE #1 @ 1256 UK time – Local media are reporting that the cause of Ryanair flight FR9561’s return back to Faro was due to a shredded tyre on departure.

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