Russian Il-76 Transport Aircraft Crashes Near Severny Airfield

A Russian Ilyushin Il-76 passes near Severny airfield with an engine on fire.
Screenshot via Twitter/X

A Russian Ilyushin Il-76 transport aircraft has crashed in Russia’s Ivanovo region, near the Severny airfield.

According to early reports, one engine on the four-engine jet transport aircraft was on fire, and the aircraft began a steep descent.

Video footage surfacing on social media shows the aircraft’s starboard outer engine trailing flames as it passes overhead.

Il-76 Crashes After Takeoff

According to Telegram channels, the aircraft crash landed within approximately two kilometres of Severny Airfield.

Video credit: via twitter/x

The aircraft reportedly suffered the engine fire shortly after take-off. The cause of the in-flight incident is yet to be confirmed, though technical failure is speculated.

Unconfirmed reports suggest the aircraft was operating with 15 passengers on board – a crew complement of 8 together with 7 passengers. All occupants are feared dead following the emergency landing.

About Severny Airfield

Severny Airfield, also known as Ivanovo North or Zhukovka, is a military air base located in Russia, roughly 6 kilometers north of the city of Ivanovo.

Military Function: A large transport airfield with hangars and a sizeable tarmac area, Severny Airfield serves as a base for several Russian military aviation units.

Units Stationed:

  • 144th Airborne Early Warning Aviation Regiment
  • 4th Center for Combat Application and Crew Training
  • 2457 Air Base of SDRLO (flying Beriev A-50)
  • 610th Center for Combat Use and Retraining of Military Transport Aviation Flight Personnel

In July 2021, a Russian Il-76 transport plane reportedly crashed near the airfield. The cause was an engine malfunction shortly after takeoff.

In May 2022, Russian security forces claimed to have thwarted a Ukrainian drone attack targeting the airfield. The attack was supposedly aimed to destroy early warning and control aircraft.

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