Qantas flight from Auckland to Sydney declares emergency

A Qantas Boeing 737 passes overhead.
Bahnfrend, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

LONDON – A scheduled Qantas flight from Auckland to Sydney has declared an emergency earlier this morning after reportedly experiencing engine trouble.

Qantas Flight 144, operated by a Boeing 737-800 registered VH-XZB, initially declared an emergency approximately one hour out from Sydney over the Tasman Sea.

Source: RadarBox

The flight crew subsequently downgraded the level of emergency from a Mayday call to a PAN call (possible assistance needed).

According to the Australian national broadcaster ABC, Qantas advised that the flight had “experienced an issue with one of its engines about an hour from its destination”

The flight was scheduled to land at Sydney at 3:28 PM local time, and emergency services were deployed as a standard precautionary measure.

The aircraft subsequently made an uneventful landing just before 3:30 PM local time.

This is a continuing story. Check back for updates.

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