Private Jet Slides Off Runway in Erechim, Brazil

Private Jet Slides Off Runway in Erechim, Brazil
Photo Credit: Gabriel Wallace via

Earlier today, a private jet slid off a runway at Erechim Airport, Brazil after the landing procedure.

Information is limited regarding this incident.

Below is what we know so far…

PP-DYB Was The Aircraft Involved in the Erechim Incident…

PP-DYB is the private jet that has slid off the runway at Erechim Airport, Brazil.

Furthermore, the aircraft is a Learjet 75 belonging to a private owner, with not much more in terms of detail noted after that.

Embedded above shows photo and video of the aircraft sliding off the runway in wet weather.

Also, local media have reported on the incident. This is what they had to say.

Aircraft Was Unable to Brake…

Photo Credit: Gabriel Wallace via

Local media have reported some facts surrounding the incident that happened earlier today at Erechim Airport.

Furthermore, translated into English, it mentions the following aspects:

  • The runway was wet.
  • The aircraft was unable to brake after landing.
  • The aircraft overshot the runway and crashed into a field.
  • A woman has been taken to hospital for medical care.
  • No fatalities reported.

Moreover, in a statement, the local municipality in Erechim said the following on the incident in the airport:

“Erechim City Hall, through the Municipal Administration Secretariat, informs that an aircraft scheduled to land at Comandante Kraemer Airport on Tuesday afternoon (23), left the landing and take-off runway.”

“The competent bodies have already been called to continue the investigations. The passengers left the aircraft conscious and were taken for treatment.”

Overall, that is the information that we have surrounding this incident at Erechim Airport, Brazil.

As soon as we have more information, we will update you accordingly.

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