Private Jet Crashes Shortly After Departure from Veracruz

Private Jet Crashes Shortly After Departure from Veracruz
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In the early hours of this morning UK time, a Mexican private jet crashed just minutes after departure from Veracruz, Mexico.

Private Jet Crashes Shortly After Departure from Veracruz
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XB-VFJ is the Cessna 650 Citation VII that was involved in the incident and is reported to have three occupants onboard.

What We Know About The Accident in Veracruz…


At this time, it is unclear why the aircraft crashed, but reports state that the aircraft made a sharp descent from 6,000 feet to 0 feet.

From there, it crashed into the sea. It is understood that search and rescue teams are trying to find remains from the aircraft to identify those onboard.

All eyes will now be on the investigators into the cause of the crash in Veracruz, but analysts state that the fact that the aircraft went down minutes after departure indicates a major problem with the private jet onboard.

Looking at data from RadarBox, the aircraft appears to be based in Toluca and does several runs across Cancun, Orlando, and Veracruz frequently.

It operates an average of around 12 flights per month pre-accident, showing it was a relatively busy aircraft at the time.

We also know that the aircraft is operated privately, with no company listed in terms of actual ownership of the jet.

Overall, the determination is now down to investigators, who will be wanting to look at things such as the aircraft’s flight data as well as the black box voice recorders to see whether there are any indicators behind this.

This remains a developing story. More in due course.

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