PIA 777 returns to Jeddah due burning odour in cockpit

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A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) scheduled flight operating between Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and Sialkot, Pakistan made a precautionary return to Jeddah on September 26 after flight crew noted a smoke detector indication in the burning odour on the flight deck.

PIA flight PK746 Jeddah – Sialkot

PIA flight PK746, a Boeing 777-300ER registration AP-BMS, had departed from King Abdulaziz International Airport (JED) at 9:38 AM local time on Tuesday, September 26.

The flight had established itself on track for Sialkot International Airport (SKT), climbing to a cruising level of FL350 (35,000 feet).

Approximately 30 minutes after departure, with the aircraft approximately 180 nautical miles north-east of Jeddah, the aircraft descended to FL220 and the decision was made to execute a precautionary return to JED.

Precautionary return to Jeddah

The flight crew reported receiving a smoke detector indication and experiencing a burning odour on the flight deck.

The aircraft subsequently made an uneventful return landing in Jeddah at 10: 50 PM local time; approximately 70 minutes after its initial departure.

The flight did not declare a formal emergency and made the return as a precaution.

Photo Credit: km30192002, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The aircraft operating flight PK746 was a Boeing 777-300ER, registered AP-BMS; a14-year old widebody aircraft belonging to the Pakistani national flag carrier Pakistan International Airlines (PIA).

The aircraft was grounded in Jeddah and an inspection carried out, before it subsequently departed for Karachi on the following day, September 27, as flight PK746.

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