Passenger Injured on Air Canada Flight From Toronto to Dubai

Photo: Air Canada Boeing 777. By Vismay Bhadra - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

It has emerged that a passenger was injured on an Air Canada flight in Toronto that was due to fly to Dubai.

Passenger Injured on Air Canada Flight From Toronto to Dubai…

Passenger Injured on Air Canada Flight From Toronto to Dubai
Photo sourced from @fl360aero on X!

It is understood that the passenger opened a cabin door on the Air Canada flight in Toronto and plummeted to the ground outside what looks to be a Boeing 777 aircraft.

Air Canada is investigating the mishap on this flight bound for Dubai.

Data provided by

Data from suggests that the image above is the affected flight, with AC56 expected to have departed at 2135 local time last night.

However, due to this incident, the aircraft didn’t leave until 0639 local time this morning and, at the time of writing, is over the Atlantic Ocean inbound to Dubai, where the aircraft is expected to arrive at 0509 local time tomorrow morning.

According to data from, the incident aircraft appears to be C-FITU, a 16.7-year-old Boeing 777-300ER that was delivered to the carrier in April 2007.

Of the Boeing 777-300ER variant, Air Canada has 19 of them in the fleet, of which 18 are in active service, and one is currently parked, holding an average fleet age of 13.6 years.

All eyes will be on the investigation into how the passenger could open the cabin door, as this appeared to have occurred during boarding in Toronto for the Dubai-bound flight.

At this current stage, there is no further information about the passenger other than the fact that he was injured in the incident.

More to follow in due course.

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