Norwegian Flight from Oslo Suffers Engine Problems

Norwegian Flight from Oslo Suffers Engine Problems
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This morning, a Norwegian Air flight between Oslo Gardermoen and Tirana suffered an issue with its engines, prompting a return to the airport minutes after departure.

Incident: Norwegian Flight from Oslo Suffers Engine Problems…

Norwegian Flight from Oslo Suffers Engine Problems
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It is understood the flight affected was Norwegian Air flight DY1934 from Oslo to Tirana, which was operated by LN-NIP, one of the airline’s Boeing 737-800 aircraft.

As per, the aircraft is 10 years old at the time of writing, having originally started out life with Garuda Indonesia in October 2013.

From there, it was returned to lessor GECAS in August 2021, before being sent to another lessor, being AerCap.

Norwegian took delivery of the aircraft back in July 2022.

DY1934 departed Oslo at 0646 local time, when a loud bang was heard by passengers on one of the engines, prompting a U-turn back to the airport.

One passenger said the following to

“My girlfriend and I were sitting on the side of the engine where the bang was. After the bang came strong turbulence. My girlfriend thought it looked like lightning had hit the engine”.

“People were terrified, and we panicked. People prayed to God and cried. It was absolutely terrible. The 15 minutes without knowing anything felt like a long time. They should have informed us earlier”.

Communications manager for Norwegian, Grete Kruse, said the following on this incident:

“We have very experienced pilots who are trained to handle unforeseen events”.

“We always inform our passengers as quickly as possible, but the pilots’ first priority is to get an overview of the situation and deal with it. Of course, we understand that it can feel like a long time”.

At the time of writing, the aircraft is still on the ground in Oslo, as the airline confirms that the aircraft is being examined by technicians.

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