Montreal-bound Air Canada Flight Diverts to Dublin

Hussein Abdallah, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

An Air Canada flight bound for Montreal from Venezia, Italy made an unscheduled diversion to Dublin on 9 May 2024.

Air Canada flight AC819, an Airbus A330-300 out of Venice Marco Polo Airport (VCE) initiated a diversion to Dublin whilst en route.

Air Canada AC819 Venezia-Montreal

The flight did not declare a formal emergency and carried out the diversion to Dublin airport under normal flight operating procedures.

Flight data shows that flight AC819 made a delayed departure out of Venice Marco Polo Airport on 9 May.

The flight made an actual time of departure of 1705 local time, against the scheduled departure time of 1510 local.

From there, the flight continued normally and climbed to the cruising altitude of FL380 (38,000 feet) for the transatlantic crossing.

Diversion to Dublin

At approximately 1710 UTC, the flight crew initiated a northerly diversion to Dublin while cruising. Unconfirmed reports suggest the flight crew encountered a potential hydraulic system problem.

According to a report by online source Shaun’s Aviation @Shauns_Aviation, emergency vehicles were on hand to meet the flight in Dublin. Ground crews towed the aircraft to the stand and then cleaned the maneuvering areas.

The aircraft conducting the AC819 long haul service to Montréal was an Airbus A330-300 registered C-GKUH. This is a 13.7-year-old wide-body aircraft belonging to the national carrier Air Canada.

It has been in active service with the airline since October 2019. Prior to its service with Air Canada it was operated by Singapore Airlines from its initial delivery in October 2010.

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