Manchester Airport: Rare Boeing 747 Diversion from Glasgow

Manchester Airport: Rare Boeing 747 Diversion from Glasgow
BWard 1997, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

In the last 30 minutes, Manchester Airport has just received a Cargolux Boeing 747 diversion from Glasgow Prestwick, a rare movement for the airfield.

Manchester Airport: Rare Boeing 747 Diversion from Glasgow…

Manchester Airport: Rare Boeing 747 Diversion from Glasgow
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Cargolux flight CLX25N is a routine scheduled cargo flight between Luxembourg and Glasgow Prestwick, with the affected rotation diverting to Manchester Airport being operated by LX-LCL.

As per data from, LX-LCL is a 16.7 year old Boeing 747-400 Freighter that started out life with TNT Airways back in March 2007 as OO-THB.

The jet was then handed over to ASL Airlines Belgium in May 2016, before returning to TNT back in March 2016 under the Express subsidiary.

OO-THB then became LX-LCL in April 2019 when it was handed over to Cargolux.

CLX25N departed Luxembourg at 1238 local time today and proceeded on a north-westerly track in the direction of Glasgow Prestwick.

After just one landing attempt, the crew onboard LX-LCL climbed out and tracked south, where the aircraft landed into Manchester Airport.

This diversion is rare for the airport as a Boeing 747 has not operated in or out of the airfield in quite some time.

It is understood the diversion was due to weather, with the METAR at the time of diversion being:

METAR EGPK 311320Z 21028G42KT 9000 -RA BKN020 09/07 Q1009

This METAR at Glasgow Prestwick highlights very strong winds and rain, to the point where it is not within the operational limits of the crew to risk another approach.

It is unclear when the aircraft will continue on to Prestwick from Manchester.

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