Man on American flight restrained after trying to open exit door

Passengers restrain man on American Airlines flight to Chicago
Photo Credit: DonnieDoesWorld via Twitter/X

Passengers on board a Chicago bound American Airlines flight assisted to restrain and duct-tape a male passenger who had attempted to open an aircraft exit door shortly after departure on Tuesday 20 February.

American Airlines flight AA1219, a Boeing 737-800 from Albuquerque International Sunport (ABQ), New Mexico was en route to Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD) when the in-flight incident occurred soon after departure.

American AA1219 Albuquerque-Chicago

Flight data service shows that flight AA1219 made a normal departure out of Albuquerque at 1:54 PM local time on 20 February and was still on climb through flight level FL270 (27,000 feet) when the incident occurred.

The aircraft subsequently discontinued the climb and negotiated a return to the departure airport, where it landed at 2:45 PM local time.

Disruptive Passenger Restrained

According to posts on social media by passengers, the man had acted aggressively and tried to open one of the passenger cabin exit doors.

“Me and five other dudes had to wrestle them into the aisle, duct tape his legs and throw flex cuffs on him,” wrote one passenger.

Video credit: DonnieDoesWorld via Twitter/X

Video footage posted to social media shows the man being restrained in the passenger cabin aisle by several passengers, as flight crew members and on plastic flex cuffs to restrain him.

Following the disturbance in the passenger cabin, the flight elected to make the return to Albuquerque International Airport shortly after departure. All

The spokesman for the airline confirmed the return was due to a disturbance in the cabin involving a disruptive customer.

The flight landed without further incident at approximately 2:40 PM local time, and was met on arrival by local law enforcement authorities.

Footage shows the man subsequently being escorted by several law enforcement officers from the aircraft after landing in Chicago.

The aircraft conducting the AA1219 service to Chicago was a Boeing 737-800 registered N352PS; a six-year-old narrowbody aircraft belonging to the US carrier American Airlines.

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