Lufthansa Flight Frankfurt-Amsterdam Suffers Generator Failure

Lufthansa Flight Frankfurt-Amsterdam Suffers Generator Failure
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Yesterday, a Lufthansa flight between Frankfurt and Amsterdam suffered a temporary generator failure in-flight.

Incident: Lufthansa Flight Frankfurt-Amsterdam Suffers Generator Failure…

Lufthansa Flight Frankfurt-Amsterdam Suffers Generator Failure
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Lufthansa flight LH986 is a routine scheduled flight between Frankfurt and Amsterdam, with the affected rotation being operated by D-AIBG.

As per data from, D-AIBG is a 12.2 year old Airbus A319-100 that was delivered to the German carrier back in September 2011.

Of the A319 variant, the carrier has 35 of them, of which 34 are in active service and one is currently parked, offering an average age of 21.2 years overall.

Lufthansa flight LH986 departed Frankfurt at 0748 local time, and proceeded northbound towards Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

As per The Aviation Herald, when the aircraft was descending into it’s destination, the crew noticed that both of their generators failed, which resulted in the backup Ram Air Turbine being deployed.

The crew on LH986 reported this to air traffic control via a mayday call, and continued it’s approach into Schiphol.

LH986 was able to land safely on Runway 27 at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, with it being reported that the return flight to Frankfurt was cancelled as a result, with no spare aircraft available at that time.

At the time of writing (11/11/23 @ 1230 UK time), D-AIBG is still on the ground at the Dutch airport whilst technicians inspect the aircraft to identify the problem with the generators.

Once the relevant checks and repairs are made, then the jet will be allowed to enter commercial service again.

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