Lufthansa Cargo 777 Loses Brakerod in Frankfurt

Lufthansa Cargo 777 Loses Brakerod in Frankfurt
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Last week, a Lufthansa Cargo Boeing 777 Freighter lost it’s brakerod in Frankfurt not long after departure.

Incident: Lufthansa Cargo 777 Loses Brakerod in Frankfurt…

Lufthansa Cargo 777 Loses Brakerod in Frankfurt
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Lufthansa Cargo flight LH8290 is a routine scheduled flight between Frankfurt and Cairo, with the affected rotation being operated by D-ALFC.

As per data from, D-ALFC is a 10.1 year old Boeing 777 Freighter that was delivered to the German carrier back in February 2014.

Of the 777 Freighter variant, the airline has 11 in the fleet, of which nine are in active service and two are parked, offering an average age of 7.4 years.

Lufthansa Cargo flight LH8290 departed Frankfurt at 2010 local time on February 14 and climbed out to Cairo.

As per reporting from The Aviation Herald, the crew onboard stopped their climb at FL280 amid receiving information that the brakerod on one of the brakes had separated from the aircraft in-flight.

This prompted a u-turn over Austrian airspace with the intention of returning back to the German airport as a result.

After one hour and 42 minutes in the air, the aircraft was back on the ground safely. At the time of writing (21/2/24 @ 1400 UK time), D-ALFC has not operated another flight since, due to the necessary repairs needing to be made to the Lufthansa Cargo Boeing 777 Freighter.

On the flight from Frankfurt to Cairo, damage to the gear and gear door was observed following the separation of the brakerod from the aircraft.

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