London Heathrow Terminal 4 Being Evacuated

London Heathrow Terminal 4 Being Evacuated

In the last few moments, it has been revealed that London Heathrow Terminal 4 is being evacuated following a police incident.


National Rail has confirmed that disruption to and from the airport is expected until 11am UK time.

At this stage, it is unclear what the nature of the police incident is, but must be serious enough to cause an evacuation there.

London Heathrow Terminal 4 Being Evacuated

Updates: London Heathrow Terminal 4 Being Evacuated…

This remains a developing story. Updates to follow shortly.

UPDATE #1 @ 1018 UK time – National Rail indicating that the police incident has been dealt with. Still unclear what the nature of this incident was at this time.

UPDATE #2 @ 1020 UK time – Unconfirmed reports stating that it was a suspicious package that the police were dealing with at London Heathrow Airport Terminal 4.

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UPDATE #3 @ 1023 UK time – The current scene from London Heathrow Airport via @RadarBoxCom, with operations still running, but delays will no doubt be expected as passengers attempt to get airside at T4 once again.

UPDATE #4 @ 1027 UK time – It does appear to be the case that things are back to normal, with the exception of delays at the airport.

AviationSource will approach London Heathrow for a comment on this incident at Terminal 4, in the hope that some light can be shed on this incident involving the police.

UPDATE #5 @ 1030 UK time – With National Rail posting about the closures, it looks to be the case it was the rail side of the infrastructure that was evacuated, as opposed to potentially the whole terminal. Still confirming at this time.

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