KLM E190 in Fatal Accident at Amsterdam Schiphol

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Early reports suggest a fatality has occurred at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, involving a KLM Cityhopper Embraer ERJ-190 which was preparing to depart on a regional flight.

Reports indicate that a person has been involved in an fatal accident with the engine of the departing jet.

Details available at the time of writing suggest that the aircraft involved was Embraer ERJ-190 registered PH-EZL. The aircraft was being readied to fly a regional service to Billund (BLL) as flight KL1341.

Standby for further updates.

Flight path of KL1341 from Amsterdam Schiphol airport to Billund Airport
3 weeks ago29/05/24

Airport Statement

A statement just released by Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS) airport reads: “Today there was a horrible incident where a person ended up in an airplane engine.”

“Our thoughts go out to the relatives and we care for the passengers and colleagues who witnessed this. The Royal Military Police is currently conducting an investigation.”

Reports filtering through to social media give further context to this afternoon’s incident:

3 weeks ago29/05/24

First Reported at 15:10 Local Time

The advice of the fatality at Amsterdam Schiphol was first reported at 3.10pm local time to authorities. Passenger and crew members were aboard to aircraft when then accident occurred.

The aircraft appears to have been preparing for departure for the scheduled flight to Billund, Denmark and had its engines running.

Authorities are still to confirm whether the man was a private individual, or worked for the airline or the airport.

3 weeks ago29/05/24

Passengers Disembarked from Aircraft

NL Times, a local news source, reports that authorities evacuated all passengers from the departing aircraft.

The Marechaussee, the branch of the military responsible for policing the airport, then issued a statement.

“All passengers and employees of the flight in question have disembarked and are being taken care of.”

3 weeks ago29/05/24

KLM Statement

KLM have now released a formal statement on this afternoon’s fatal accident.

Statement by Amsterdam Schiphol airport

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