KLM Cargo 747 Amsterdam-Johannesburg Suffers Lightning Strike

KLM Cargo 747 Amsterdam-Johannesburg Suffers Lightning Strike
English: Aleksandr MarkinРусский: Александр Маркин, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

A KLM Cargo Boeing 747-400F, operated by Martinair, suffered a lightning strike whilst on the climb out from Amsterdam to Johannesburg.

Incident: KLM Cargo 747 Amsterdam-Johannesburg Suffers Lightning Strike…

KLM Cargo 747 Amsterdam-Johannesburg Suffers Lightning Strike
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KLM Cargo flight MP8321 is a routine scheduled freighter flight between Amsterdam Schiphol & Johannesburg, with the affected rotation being operated by PH-CKB.

As per data from Planespotters.net, PH-CKB is a 20.6 year old Boeing 747-400 Freighter which was first delivered to KLM back in April 2003.

In February 2010, the aircraft was handed over to Martinair, but then over to KLM Cargo, with the remarks stating that they are operating the aircraft on their behalf.

There are three of these freighters in the fleet, with all of them being operated by Martinair.

MP8321 departed Amsterdam Schiphol at 2248 local time on October 31 and during the climb out, the aircraft was struck by lightning, as per reporting from The Aviation Herald.

It is understood that the smell of an electrical odour was observed onboard as well as a series of digital malfunctions caused by the lightning strike.

From there, the aircraft opted to turn back to Schiphol and not continue on to Johannesburg.

Before arrival back into its home base, the aircraft had to operate a series of holds to burn fuel before landing safely back into the Dutch capital around two hours after departure.

Following the relevant fixes, PH-CKB was then able to operate the same flight between Amsterdam and Johannesburg on November 1, where it has been flying since.

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