KLM A330 bound for Saint Martin makes return to Amsterdam

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A KLM scheduled long-haul flight operating from Amsterdam to Saint Martin has executed a turnaround as it passed out the United Kingdom, and is currently on return to Amsterdam.

KLM flight KL777, an Airbus A330 operating from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (AMS) to Saint Martin (SXM) initiated a turnaround as it passed through UK airspace. The flight is currently making a return to AMS.

KLM KL777 Amsterdam – Saint Martin

Flight KL777 carried out a period of holding off the English coast, possibly for the purpose of fuel dumping before making a return to AMS.

The aircraft has not declared an emergency and is continuing under normal flight procedures. The nature of the issue is not yet known.

Return to Amsterdam AMS

Data shows that KLM flight KL777 departed AMS this morning at 11:18 local time, before setting course for the long-haul flight and climbing to FL350 (35,000 feet).

The flight initiated a descent as it approached the Irish coast, before tracking for the English southwest coast to execute holding at FL160 (16,000 feet) before making good a return track for Amsterdam.

The aircraft operating today’s long-haul service is Airbus A330-200 registered PH-AOE; a 17-year old widebody aircraft belonging to the Dutch national carrier.

Update 13:00 UTC

Flight KL777 continuing to make good its return track for AMS at cruising level FL310; passing over the south of England.

Having cleared UK airspace, flight KL777 left FL310 and is now on descent for its return to AMS, and continuing under normal flight procedures.

Update 13:30 UTC

KLM flight KL777 now established on finals AMS. The flight returned under normal flight procedures, and the nature of the problem prompting this afternoon’s return remains unknown.

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By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 2 Min Read
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