KLM 737-900 Experiences Flaps Issue on Landing at Munich

Anna Zvereva, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

A KLM Boeing 737-900 experienced a wing flap issue on landing at Munich on 9 May 2024.

KLM flight KL1859 was inbound from Amsterdam Schiphol airport (AMS) when it reported a wing flap problem on final approach.

The aircraft had been established on finals for RWY 08L Munich International Airport (MUC) when the issue was encountered.

KLM KL1859 Amsterdam-Munich

Flight crew initiated the go around procedure upon reporting the issue and the aircraft then conducted a circuit for a further approach.

The aircraft subsequently conducted a second approach to the duty runway and landed without further incident.

A higher airspeed indication on its second approach may suggest the aircraft was configured for a flightless or partial flap landing. This observation has not been confirmed.

Emergency services assets were on hand to carry out an inspection of the aircraft after its landing. The aircraft was then taxied to the hardstanding area.

Flight Details

Flight data shows that flight KL1859 made an on-time departure from Amsterdam (AMS) at 2106 local time on 9 May.

The operating crew then set course normally, climbing to flight level FL350 (35,000 feet) for the south-easterly route to Munich.

Let down and approach procedures were similarly conducted normally, and the aircraft executed a missed approach from 5700 feet.

Flight crew then conducted a wide circuit before making the second landing attempt. Formal emergency was not declared in the aircraft continued under normal operating procedures.

Anna Zvereva, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The aircraft conducting the KL1859 rotation from Amsterdam was a Boeing 737-900, registered PH-BXT.

This is a 20-year-old narrowbody aircraft belonging to the carrier KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. The aircraft has been in active service with the airline since its initial delivery in May 2004.

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