JetBlue A321 damaged in collision with tug vehicle at San Francisco SFO

A JetBlue A321 jet showing impact with ground handling vehicle.
Photo via Aviation Breaking News @aviationbrk Twitter/X

San Francisco International Airport officials have confirmed that a JetBlue flight taxiing for departure to Boston has been struck by a ground handling vehicle resulting in damage to its left engine assembly.

JetBlue Airways flight JBU534, operated by an Airbus A321 registered N947JB, had reportedly just completed a pushback maneuver from the gate at SFO when it was struck by a tug vehicle.

JetBlue flight JBU534 San Francisco (SFO)

Video footage of the event shows the ground handling vehicle lodged alongside the aircraft’s left-hand engine pod, with emergency vehicles in attendance.

Video footage via Aviation Breaking News @aviationbrk Twitter/X

Damage to left-hand engine

The aircraft sustained damage to its left-hand engine as a result of the collision with the ground handling vehicle at San Francisco International Airport (SFO). The A321 was subsequently taxied back to the gate where its passenger complement was disembarked.

There have been no reported injuries as a result of the ground collision which occurred around 4:00 PM local time on Monday, November 6.

According to CBS News, the JetBlue subsequently released a statement saying: “On Monday, November 6, JetBlue flight 534 was involved in an incident with a pushback tractor just after pushing back from the gate.”

All customers have deplaned and are being offered alternate flight options,” the statement continued. “No injuries were reported. Safety is JetBlue’s first priority; we are reviewing this incident, and the aircraft has been taken out of service for inspection.”

The aircraft involved in Monday’s incident is a 2105 built Airbus A321-231 narrowbody aircraft belonging to the US carrier JetBlue Airways.

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