Jet2 Flights from Manchester & Leeds to Madeira Divert

Jet2 Flights from Manchester & Leeds to Madeira Divert
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Today’s Jet2 rotations to Madeira from Manchester & Leeds both diverted to Porto Santo, following the airport facing major delays over the course of today.

Delays at the airport on the Portuguese island have been anywhere between 2-4 hours, with some aircraft flying for around five hours instead of the typical 2-3.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

Diversion #1: Jet2 LS831 from Manchester…

Jet2 Flights from Manchester & Leeds to Madeira Divert
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Jet2 flight LS831 from Manchester to Madeira was operated by G-GDFU, a 22.7 year old Boeing 737-800 that has been with the airline since October 2014, as per data from

LS831 departed the UK at 1604 local time and proceeded onwards to the Portuguese island, where it was subjected to a high number of holds.

Following the delays out of Madeira as well as fuel levels, the crew opted to divert to neighbouring Porto Santo, where it landed there safely.

This flight is expected to depart at 2145 local time back to the Island at the time of writing.


Diversion #2: LS389 from Leeds to Madeira…

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Jet2 flight LS389 from Leeds suffered the same fate, with this flight being operated by G-JZBK, another Boeing 737-800 in the fleet.

As per, LS389 is a 5.6 year old airframe which was delivered new to the airline back in March 2018.

LS389 departed Leeds at 1520 local time this afternoon and proceeded down to Madeira, where again it entered a series of holds.

This aircraft did get further, attempting an approach before missing it, having to hold again, and then divert over to Porto Santo instead.

LS389 was expected to depart Porto Santo at 20:55 local time, but has not yet departed at the time of writing (2116 UK time) and is subject to change.

This is a developing story.

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