Iraqi Airways Boeing 787 Suffers Issues With Cabin Doors

Iraqi Airways Boeing 787 Suffers Issues With Cabin Doors
Photo Credit: Iraqi Airways.

Earlier this week, an Iraqi Airways Boeing 787 operating a flight from Baghdad to Guangzhou had to divert to Basra due to an issue with the cabin doors onboard.

Incident: Iraqi Airways Boeing 787 Suffers Issues With Cabin Doors…

Iraqi Airways Boeing 787 Suffers Issues With Cabin Doors
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Iraqi Airways flight IA473 is a routine scheduled flight between Baghdad and Guangzhou, with the affected rotation being operated by YI-ATC.

As per data from, YI-ATC is a 0.7 year old Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner that was delivered to the carrier back in June 2023.

Of the 787-8 variant, the carrier has two of them in the fleet, offering an average fleet age of 0.5 years.

Iraqi Airways flight IA473 departed Baghdad at 1429 local time on January 16 and proceeded eastbound in the direction of Guangzhou.

As per The Aviation Herald, upon reaching the Basra area, the crew noticed an issue with the cabin doors, which prompted a diversion to that airport.

Following it’s diversion into Basra, the aircraft remained on the ground for around two hours whilst the issues were rectified, before the flight (Originally from Baghdad) continued onwards to Guangzhou, where it landed safely with a delay.

YI-ATC has been in active operation since the incident with no additional groundings made as a result of this incident.

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