IndiGo Flight Suffers Engine Failure on Descent into Mumbai

IndiGo Flight Suffers Engine Failure on Descent into Mumbai
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On August 29, an IndiGo Airbus A321neo suffered an engine failure on descent into Mumbai from its origin point of Madurai.

Incident: IndiGo Flight Suffers Engine Failure on Descent into Mumbai…

IndiGo Flight Suffers Engine Failure on Descent into Mumbai
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VT-IUJ that operated IndiGo flight 6E2012 between Madurai and Mumbai, with the aircraft currently 3.8 years old at the time of writing.

As per data from, the aircraft was delivered to IndiGo in December 2019, and is powered by two Pratt & Whitney PW1133G engines.

The Indian carrier currently has a fleet of 92 A321neos at the time of writing, with 80 active, and 12 currently parked due to issues with Pratt & Whitney engines.

Crew onboard the flight noticed the issue with the engine and requested a priority landing into Mumbai, and was given priority clearance to take Runway 27 at the airport.

At the time of writing (30/8/23 @ 1522 UK time), the aircraft is still on the ground at the Indian airport.

The beginning of this month saw IndiGo acknowledging that they are working with Pratt & Whitney on engine issues affecting A321neo aircraft.

“We are working closely with P&W to assess and minimise any potential impact to our fleet”, InterGlobe, the parent of IndiGo said in a statement.

IndiGo has around 480 jets still on order and are yet to be delivered, with many taking them to the end of the decade.

If there is substantial impact to the IndiGo fleet, then this could cause widescale disruption if aircraft are needing to come out of service for important maintenance.

In the case of VT-IUJ in Mumbai, is this another casualty of the continued issues ongoing with Pratt & Whitney engines?

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