IndiGo Flight Chennai-Mumbai Suffers Bomb Threat

IndiGo Flight Chennai-Mumbai Suffers Bomb Threat
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Earlier this week, an IndiGo flight operating between Chennai and Mumbai received a bomb threat around 40km from landing.

Incident: IndiGo Flight Chennai-Mumbai Suffers Bomb Threat…

IndiGo Flight Chennai-Mumbai Suffers Bomb Threat
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IndiGo flight 6E5188 is a routine scheduled flight between Chennai and Mumbai, with the affected rotation involved in the bomb threat being VT-ILN.

As per data from, VT-ILN is a 3.0 year old Airbus A321neo that was delivered to the Indian carrier back in February 2021.

Of the A321neo variant, the airline has 94 of them, of which 79 are in active service and 15 are currently parked, offering an average age of 2.4 years.

IndiGo flight 6E5188 departed Chennai at 0649 local time on February 13 and proceeded in the direction of Mumbai.

Everything in the flight was normal for the majority of the route, until the Airbus A321neo got around 40km from it’s destination.

As per reporting from Aviation A2Z, it is understood that someone alerted the pilots onboard the aircraft about a bomb threat message discovered in one of the aircraft lavatories.

From there, the aircraft was given priority landing into Mumbai, with the Chennai-originating flight being met by bomb disposal teams on arrival.

IndiGo said the following on the incident:

“All necessary protocols were followed, and the aircraft was taken to a remote bay following the guidelines set by airport security agencies.”

“After completing all security checks, the aircraft [was] brought back to the terminal area.”

All eyes will be on whether they will be able to catch the culprit or not following this incident.

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