Delta Flight Atlanta-New York Suffers Generator Failure

Delta Flight Atlanta-New York Suffers Generator Failure
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A Delta flight between Atlanta and New York JFK had to divert to Richmond following a generator failure onboard the aircraft.

Incident: Delta Flight Atlanta-New York Suffers Generator Failure…

Delta Flight Atlanta-New York Suffers Generator Failure
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A Delta Airlines Boeing 757-200, with the registration code N669DN suffered a “generator failure”. The aircraft in question was undertaking flight DL-1294 from Atlanta, Georgia, to New York JFK.

At the time of the incident, the aircraft was cruising at FL370 approximately 90 nautical miles south of Richmond, Virginia. Because of the generator failure, the flight crew opted to reroute the aircraft to Richmond Airport (KRIC).

Subsequently, the plane safely touched down safely on runway 34, merely 20 minutes after descending from FL370 at 17:53 EDT.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has initiated an investigation following the crew’s report of a potential generator issue. As of now, the specifics of the issue remain under investigation.

In response to the incident, a substitute Boeing 757-200 with the registration code N658DL managed to finally reach New York, albeit with a delay of approximately 80 minutes.

Meanwhile, the aforementioned aircraft involved in the occurrence, marked with registration N669DN, remained stationed on the ground in Richmond overnight with repairs being undertaken.

The aircraft was then flown back to its base in Atlanta the following Monday afternoon (23/10). The aircraft was successfully returned to service the same day completing a return trip to San Juan on Monday evening.

The incident aircraft, N669DN has seen its fair share of flights. The aircraft was delivered to Delta in June 1991 making the aircraft an impressive 32.4 years old. Delta has been the sole operator of the aircraft since delivery.

Delta is the largest operator of the 757, operating both the -200 and -300 variants. As of today the operator still has 127 of the classic twin jets in its fleet.

Delta has no plans to retire the 757 any time soon with the aircraft “likely stay(ing) through the mid-2020s”.

The aircraft still successfully operates 100s of flights per day across Delta’s network. However, despite this, incidents like this might reflect that the 757’s flying days may now be brought into question.

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