Cargolux Flight from Miami Suffers Tyre Incident at Amsterdam

Cargolux Flight from Miami Suffers Tyre Incident at Amsterdam
Colin Cooke Photo, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

A Cargolux Boeing 747-8 Freighter from Miami suffered a tyre incident whilst on descent into Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

Incident: Cargolux Flight from Miami Suffers Tyre Incident at Amsterdam…

Cargolux Flight from Miami Suffers Tyre Incident at Amsterdam
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The aircraft was executing flight CV58R from Miami, Florida, to Luxembourg with a stop at Amsterdam Schiphol.

During the descent phase enroute to Amsterdam, the flight crew declared a PAN PAN, signalling an urgent situation, citing an issue with the right-wing gear aft inboard tire.

Pan-Pan, short for “possible assistance needed,” is used to communicate an urgent, but not emergency, situation over VHF radio, in the case of aviation, to air traffic control.

Despite the technical complication, the crew adeptly managed the situation and safely landed the aircraft on Amsterdam Schiphol (EHAM) runway 27.

Post-landing in Amsterdam, the aircraft came to a halt on the runway, enabling an exhaustive inspection to ensure the safety and integrity of the aircraft before proceeding to the designated apron area.

Following the precautionary inspection, the aircraft remained grounded for an approximate duration of four hours. Subsequently, after necessary checks and measures were undertaken, flying operations resumed as the Boeing 747-8 embarked on the journey towards its final destination, Luxembourg.

This wasn’t Cargolux’s only landing gear-related incident this year. On 14 May 2023 LX-OCV, a 747-400 freighter, operating flight CV6857 from Luxembourg to Chicago suffered a “significant” landing incident at Luxembourg airport.

Following issues with retracting the landing gear post-take-off Cargolux stated (the aircraft) “was forced to safely dump fuel in order to return to land at the airport. On its landing roll, its right body landing gear detached from the aircraft”

Like this latest incident, the aircraft safely came to a stop and no one was injured in the incident. 

The dedicated efforts of the maintenance team and the crew’s professional conduct undoubtedly played a crucial role in ensuring the safe continuation of operations involving these aircraft.

Both incidents serve as a testament to the rigorous safety protocols and emergency procedures in place within the aviation industry, emphasizing the paramount importance of swift and meticulous actions in the face of unforeseen challenges during flight operations.

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