Heathrow weather conditions making for difficult arrivals

Image Credit: RadarBox

Bad weather conditions at London Heathrow Airport (LHR) are causing some problems for flight arrivals.

Strong crosswinds at London’s main airport have made it difficult for flight arrivals this afternoon. Recently, transatlantic United Airlines flight UA938 from Chicago has been forced to divert to Edinburgh due inclement weather.

Flight UA938, operated by a Boeing 767-300ER, registered N674UA executed a missed approach after holding at LHR. The flight declared a general emergency, presumably due to low fuel state, before initiating a diversion north to Edinburgh.

Source: RadarBox

Gusts of up to 41mph were predicted for the east London area today, as the UK Met Office issued a yellow weather warning for strong winds. The general weather alert is current for London as well as south-east and south-west England.

1530 UTC: Current Heathrow weather

Wind gusts of up to 37kt have been measured. Crosswind components on duty runways RWY27, RWY27L, RWY27R of between 18-28kt.

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