Glasgow-bound British Airways Flight Suffers Fuel Incident

Glasgow-bound British Airways Flight Suffers Fuel Incident
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A Glasgow-bound British Airways flight suffered a fuel emergency whilst on the descent into the Scottish airport.

British Airways flight BA1480 is a scheduled flight between London Gatwick & Glasgow Airport.

Glasgow-bound British Airways Flight Suffers Fuel Incident
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BA1480 departed Gatwick at 1132 local time, and the flight operated as normal until a fuel emergency was declared at 1122 UTC.

The aircraft continued its descent into Glasgow Airport and then landed safely at 1144 UTC.


As per @FlightEmergency on Twitter, it is understood the fuel emergency was an issue with getting fuel from one tank and declared an emergency due to landing with a lower amount of fuel than required.

BA1480 to Glasgow Airport was operated by G-EUYU, one of British Airways’ Airbus A320 aircraft, which is 9.1 years old at the time of writing, as per

The aircraft was ferried over to Heathrow from Toulouse on March 20, 2014, and was recently reconfigured into a 180-seat layout from 162 in 2022.

At this stage, it is unclear when G-EUYU will depart from Glasgow Airport again or whether British Airways will send another aircraft to operate the return flight instead.

All eyes will be on technicians to see how long it will take to fix the issue onboard G-EUYU so then the aircraft can leave the Scottish airport.

British Airways haven’t commented on the incident as of yet, but AviationSource will approach the airline for comment.

This remains a developing story, and we will update this article when more information comes through on this incident.

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