Glasgow Airport: Heavy Queues Due to UK-wide Incident

Glasgow Airport: Heavy Queues Due to UK-wide Incident
Photo Credit: Iain Mac a'Phì

In the last few moments, it has emerged that airports around the UK such as Glasgow Airport will be subjected to significant queues due to a UK-wide incident.

As per the Glasgow Times, the airport has said the following in a statement:

“Additional temporary security measures have been put in place by UK Border Force. Understand this is UK wide.”

What Is This UK-wide Incident That Is Affecting Airports Such as Glasgow Airport?

Glasgow Airport: Heavy Queues Due to UK-wide Incident
Photo Credit: Iain Mac a’Phì


It is understood that queues at Glasgow Airport have lasted over an hour, with other airports across the UK expected to experience this level of disruption.

The UK-wide security incident could be down to reports from HMP Wandsworth in London that Daniel Abed Khalife has escaped the prison.

As per the BBC, Khalife was awaiting trial after being accused of leaving fake bombs at a military base while serving as a soldier.

Airports around the UK would have imposed this temporary measure that the Glasgow Airport spokesperson has mentioned to prevent Khalife from potentially escaping the country.

At this stage, it is unclear how long these measures will be in place for, presumably until Khalife has been detained once again by the authorities.

It is key to note that it is unclear whether the two incidents are linked, but is looking like the most likely outcome at this moment in time.

This is a developing story. As soon as updates come in, then we will update this article accordingly.

UPDATE #1 @ 1629 UK time – Understood that as well as Glasgow Airport, London Heathrow and Manchester are now affected by the UK-wide incident.

UPDATE #2 @ 1655 UK time – Confirmation has come in that alerts have been issues to UK ports and airports over Daniel Abed Khalife’s escape from HMP Wandsworth:

“An alert was issued by the Counter Terrorism Command earlier today in relation to Khalife through established operational briefing channels to relevant UK police and law enforcement agencies, including those at UK ports and borders”.

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