Suspected Infectious Disease: United 787 Diverts to Dublin Airport

Photo Credit: Dublin Airport

A United Airlines flight bound for Newark from Brussels has been forced to divert to Dublin earlier this morning.

United airlines flight UA998, a Boeing 787-10 en route to Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR), initiated the diversion after transiting the British Isles.

Flight UA998: United 787 Diverts to Dublin

According to the online source Shaun’s Aviation, the decision by the flight crew to divert was prompted by a passenger disruption on board.

The aircraft did not declare a formal emergency. However, it expedited the diversion to nearby Dublin Airport (DUB) as a result of the in-flight disturbance.

The specifics of the inflight passenger incident are not fully known. It is understood that the Irish national police Gardaí will be on hand to meet the arriving aircraft.

Flight Details Brussels to Dublin

The long haul UA998 service had made an on-time departure out of Brussels Airport (BRU). The aircraft departed Brussels at 1130 local time this morning.

The United Airlines 787 had proceeded normally in preparation for the transatlantic crossing. It had transited the mainland United Kingdom before flight crew made the decision to divert.

Flight crew initiated the northerly diversion to Dublin from a point near the southern Irish coast. They then carried out a descent from cruising altitude FL360 (36,000 feet).

The aircraft entered a holding procedure to the west of Dublin at FL150, presumably to enable fuel dumping prior to the unscheduled landing.

3 weeks ago03/06/24

Approach to Dublin (DUB)

Having exited the holding pattern United flight UA998 is now setting up its approach to the diversion airport of Dublin (DUB).

The aircraft has continued under normal squawk for the diversion and approach today.

3 weeks ago03/06/24

Landed Dublin (DUB)

United flight UA998 has now landed Dublin Airport (DUB) and has cleared the active runway, after initiating a diversion due to an inflight disruption earlier today.

We will provide further updates as they come to hand.

3 weeks ago03/06/24

United Flight Remains at Remote Stand

As at 12:00 UTC, emergency service vehicles attend United Airlines flight UA998, which remains parked at a remote stand at Dublin Airport.

We will advise further as details and clarification of the passenger issue comes to hand.

3 weeks ago03/06/24

Medical Incident: Suspected Infectious Disease

A suspected infectious disease on board a United Airlines flight has forced it to divert to Dublin Airport today.

As reported by Dublin-based Shaun’s Aviation, the HSE Infectious Disease Unit is currently en route to attend the flight, which remains in situ with passengers still aboard at a remote stand.

3 weeks ago03/06/24

Aircraft and Passenger Isolation Continuing

As at 14:00 UTC, occupants of flight UA998 remain aboard the aircraft, awaiting medical clearance.

The aircraft has been cordoned off by airport staff, awaiting arrival of the Infectious Diseases Team.

3 weeks ago03/06/24

Update: Dublin Airport Statement

Dublin Airport have now issued a formal statement on today’s diversion of United flight UA998.

The airport confirms the flight was the subject of two separate incidents – a disruptive passenger and a suspected medical issue.

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