Frontier Flight Houston-Denver Dallas Divert: “Possessed” Woman

Frontier Flight Houston-Denver Dallas Divert: "Possessed" Woman
Photo Credit: General Electric.

A Frontier Airlines flight between Houston and Denver had to divert to Dallas Fort-Worth due to a “possessed” woman claiming she was being kidnapped.

Incident: Frontier Flight Houston-Denver Dallas Divert: “Possessed” Woman…

Frontier Flight Houston-Denver Dallas Divert: "Possessed" Woman
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Frontier Airlines flight F91161 was a routine scheduled flight between Houston and Denver, with the affected rotation being operated by N337FR.

As per data from, N337FR is a 5.1 year old Airbus A320neo which was delivered to the carrier back in October 2018.

Of the A320neo variant, the airline has 82 of them, of which 80 are in active service and two are currently parked, offering an average age of 4.3 years.

Frontier flight F91161 departed Houston at 1339 local time on November 16 and proceeded northbound in the direction of Denver.

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Video Credit: Collin Rugg.

Due to an unruly passenger, the aircraft had to divert to Dallas Fort-Worth. The video above shows the whole ordeal that took place.

Passengers on the plane dubbed her “possessed” as she started climbing over seats and started screaming, claiming that she was being kidnapped.

Upon arrival into Dallas for the Denver-bound flight that diverted, a total of three passengers were offloaded from the plane.

Once the passengers had been removed, the aircraft, originating from Houston, departed Dallas and continued on to Denver thereafter.

It is unclear what the outcome for the three removed passengers were, but it is clear that regardless of the conditions for this, they will be placed on a no-fly list with the carrier.

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