Flydubai Boeing 737 MAX Departs Krakow Following Bomb Threat

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LONDONOver 18 hours since the bomb threat near Krakow Airport, the Flydubai Boeing 737 MAX has finally departed the airport to head home to Dubai.

The Affected Flydubai Flight…

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FZ1494 departed Krakow at 1628 local time, which is around 30 minutes ago from the time of writing.

A6-FMH was the Boeing 737 MAX 8 that was victim to the bomb threat whilst on a routine flight from Warsaw to Dubai.

Following communication of the bomb threat, the aircraft was diverted to Krakow, where the airport closed for a couple of hours thereafter.

The Aftermath of the Incident…

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The fake bomb hoax caused major disruption to traffic going in and out of Krakow, with multiple aircraft holding over the Katowice area before subsequently having to divert.

There was plenty of footage taken by passengers on other flights waiting to depart the Polish airport.

It was good news that the bomb threat turned out to be a hoax but could form the foundation of a new emerging pattern for flights within that area of Europe.

Looking ahead, there may have to be a rethink in how bomb threats are to be considered in the wake of continued growing tensions in Ukraine and that area of the world.

If things don’t change, then airlines will continue to be affected further going into the future, especially if more hoaxes arise too.

But for now, the Dubai-based carrier will no doubt continue to operate flights into Poland, as it had done previously for a long period of time now.

Visit the AviationSource website at 9 am tomorrow for our latest take on the growing number of bomb threats to commercial airliners in the region.

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