Flydubai Boeing 737 MAX 8 Diverts to Krakow Due to Bomb Threat

Flydubai Boeing 737 MAX landed at Krakow Airport.
By James Field - Editor in Chief 6 Min Read
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LONDON – In the last few moments, a Flydubai Boeing 737 MAX 8 has declared an emergency and is diverting to Krakow.

FZ1830 is the Flydubai flight in question, originally operating a flight between Warsaw and Dubai.

A6-FMH is the Boeing 737 MAX 8 operating the flight, with the aircraft squawking 7700 at the time of writing.

This is a developing story.

UPDATE #1 @ 2057 UK time – FZ1830 is on final approach into Krakow. The nature of the emergency is unknown at this time.

UPDATE #2 @ 2101 UK time – FZ1830 appears to be entering a hold, possibly to burn off enough fuel to conduct the approach safely.

UPDATE #3 @ 2103 UK time – FZ1830 is now actually on the final approach into Krakow.

UPDATE #4 @ 2107 UK time – Flydubai flight 1830 has landed safely at Krakow Airport. Crew requesting immediate evacuation on arrival into Krakow as per @FlightEmergency.

UPDATE #5 @ 2109 UK time – FZ1830 has vacated the Runway at Krakow Airport.

UPDATE #6 @ 2112 UK time – FZ1830 has come to a stop on the taxiway, possibly to begin the immediate evacuation as reported by @FlightEmergency.

UPDATE #7 @ 2115 UK time – FZ1830 appears to be waiting for the stairs on Taxiway Bravo at Krakow Airport.

UPDATE #8 @ 2120 UK time – The transponder on FZ1830 has been switched off now, as per @RadarBoxCom. Still awaiting the reason for immediate evacuation.

UPDATE #9 @ 2122 UK time – LH1624, originating from Munich inbound to Krakow, is currently in the hold at this present time, with its arrival time being delayed further at this time.

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UPDATE #10 @ 2125 UK time – LH1624 has now come out of its hold, and looks set to be making an approach into Krakow.

UPDATE #11 @ 2127 UK time – Krakow ATC informs flights that the airport is closed until 2300 local time due to the emergency.

UPDATE #12 @ 2129 UK time – Krakow ATC provides another update. The airport is due to be closed for 90 minutes now.

UPDATE #13 @ 2133 UK time – Krakow ATC asking certain flights what alternate destination they would like “in case the airport doesn’t reopen”. It could be a serious emergency ongoing.

UPDATE #14 @ 2136 UK time – Unconfirmed reports stating there is a potential bomb on board the aircraft. More to follow.

UPDATE #15 @ 2142 UK time – This is the second bomb threat emergency today. The other was FR6385 from Katowice to Athens.

UPDATE #16 @ 2147 UK time – First pictures emerge of fire crews surrounding Krakow Airport at this present time.

UPDATE #17 @ 2151 UK time – Unconfirmed sources stating the bomb threat is a hoax, with no real threat onboard. Exactly the same MO as FR6385 earlier today.

UPDATE #18 @ 2155 UK time – Footage appearing of the fire crews driving around the airport. Apparently, services out of the airport will begin to restore soon.

UPDATE #19 @ 2158 UK time – More footage appearing of the emergency response at Krakow Airport.

UPDATE #20 @ 2200 UK time – Firefighters pictured underneath a gate at Krakow Airport, with the runways still closed at present.

UPDATE #21 @ 2202 UK time – Emergency services have returned to the terminal building. A captain on an easyJet flight gives multiple reasons for airport closure.

UPDATE #22 @ 2219 UK time – More close-up footage of the emergency crews at Krakow Airport.

UPDATE #23 @ 2230 UK time – Further confirmation about the temporary closure at Krakow Airport, as well as the bomb threat being a hoax.

UPDATE #24 @ 2246 UK time – Airport closure time extended to at least 1 am local time in Krakow Airport.

UPDATE #25 @ 2250 UK time – As per @RadarBoxCom, there are four aircraft currently in the hold waiting for Krakow Airport to open.

UPDATE #26 @ 2254 UK time – Two more inbounds join the big list of expected arrivals into Krakow. How many more will join?

UPDATE #27 @ 2258 UK time – More diversions imminent.

UPDATE #28 @ 2339 UK time – Looks like Krakow is readying itself to restart operations was W65004 continues its descent towards the airport.

UPDATE #29 @ 2342 UK time – Krakow Airport has now reopened, bringing to a close on the overall coverage of the emergency incident.

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