FedEx 767 Freighter Lands Without Nose Gear at Istanbul Airport

Andrew Heneen, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

A FedEx Express Boeing 767 freighter has been involved in a landing accident at Istanbul airport earlier today.

The Boeing 767-300F freighter, which was inbound from Paris, made a landing with its nose landing gear retracted.

An attempt was made by flight crew to resolve the landing gear issue, before making the decision to commit to a landing with the nose gear in the retracted position.

FedEx Express FX6238 Paris-Istanbul

Flight track of FedEx Express FX6238 from Paris to Istanbul.

FedEx Express flight FX6238 was on arrival at Istanbul Airport (IST) from Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG). The issue arose during the approach phase.

The aircraft conducted a low level pass by the airport tower after noting the nose landing gear had failed to extend.

From the tower, air traffic controllers confirmed that the nose gear had not extended, and the aircraft was then positioned for an approach.

Flight track of FedEx Express FX6238 from Paris to Istanbul.

Istanbul Airport aviation rescue and firefighting teams were on hand to assist following the landing.

The approach and landing was conducted on main gear and the aircraft came to rest without further incident. There were no injuries reported as a result of the landing event.

Video via @muratherdemm herdem_aviation Twitter/X

Air traffic was temporarily suspended as a result of the accident.

Boeing 767-300F N110FE

The aircraft conducting today’s FX6238 flight rotation from Paris Charles de Gaulle to Istanbul Airport was a Boeing 767-300F, registered N110FE.

Photo Credit: @Tangocharliejui via Twitter/X

This is a 9.5 year old dedicated freighter aircraft belonging to the carrier FedEx Express. It has been in service with the operator since its initial delivery in December 2014.

FedEx Express boasts the world’s largest cargo air fleet, currently consisting of over 650 aircraft. Founded in 1971, it is the air cargo arm of the multinational shipping giant FedEx Corporation.

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