Exeter Airport Closed Amid Terminal Flooding & Weather

Exeter Airport Closed Amid Terminal Flooding & Weather
Karl Gruber, CC BY 3.0 AT , via Wikimedia Commons

In the last few hours, Exeter Airport has suffered significant flooding into its main passenger terminal building.

Exeter Airport Suffers Flooding in the Terminal…

Exeter Airport Closed Amid Terminal Flooding & Weather
Photo Credit: @JustinS04138161 via Twitter/X!

There has been heavy rain in the Exeter/Devon area, which has caused such flooding, with this understood to have been experienced at 2pm this afternoon.

Passenger Justin Sharp acquired footage of the airport floods, as onlookers look on at the significant level of water inside the terminal building.

Video Credit: @JustinS04138161 via Twitter/X!


As a result of this flooding, the airport has had to close, with a spokesperson for the Exeter-based airfield saying the following on this:

“Following heavy rain today (Sunday September 17th) Exeter Airport has had to close due to flooding affecting the terminal.”

“We are working to restore normal operations as soon as possible. In the meantime, passengers are advised to contact their airline for further information.”

There is currently an amber weather warning for the area of Devon, where the airfield is based, with such warnings expected to be extended in due course.

Thunderstorms and significant wet weather is expected over that area as well as into Wales too.

Data provided by RadarBox.com.

A number of flights out of Exeter Airport have been cancelled already due to the inclement weather, with there being no indication yet into when the airfield can reopen for such commercial passenger operations.

This remains a developing story and we will be sure to add further updates as they come in. Please check in soon!

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