Eva Air 777 in ground handling incident at Bangkok International Airport

An Eva Air Boeing 777 is struck by 2 runaway baggage trailers at Bangkok Airport
Image via Twitter/X

An Eva Air Boeing 777 has sustained damage to an engine nacelle assembly at Bangkok International Airport after it was struck by two runaway baggage trailers.

Eva Air incident Bangkok BKK

The Eva Air Boeing 777-36NER, registered B-16722 was parked on the tarmac at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport when the ground incident occurred on 9 November.

Video footage which captured the ground handling incident shows the two wheeled baggage containers being towed across the tarmac in the vicinity of the parked aircraft by a light ground handling vehicle.

Video footage via Phillip Charlier Twitter/X

As the tow tractor struck the corrugation in the tarmac surface the two baggage containers detached and ran uncontrolled into the right-hand engine nacelle assembly of the parked Boeing 777.

The aircraft can be seen being readied for take-off at the departure gate, where it was being serviced by an aircraft catering loading system.

The aircraft was being readied to operate scheduled flight BR202 from Bangkok to Toyuan, which was due to depart at 2:40pm local time on November 9.

Eva Air subsequently made alternative flight arrangements for the 262 passengers who were due to board the flight.

There were no reported injuries during the ground incident, and the extent of the damage to the Eva Air aircraft has not been formally disclosed, although it is understood that the aircraft was grounded pending inspection and repairs.

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By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 2 Min Read
2 Min Read
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