Emirates A380 To Sydney Suffers Engine Trouble in Dubai

Emirates A380 To Sydney Suffers Engine Trouble in Dubai
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It has emerged that an Emirates Airbus A380 bound for Sydney suffered engine trouble today, prompting a return to Dubai not long after departure.

Incident: Emirates A380 To Sydney Suffers Engine Trouble in Dubai…

Emirates A380 To Sydney Suffers Engine Trouble in Dubai
Data provided by RadarBox.com.

A6-EVF was the Airbus A380 that was operating Emirates flight EK412 between Dubai and Sydney.

As per data from Planespotters.net, A6-EVF is a 5.3 year old airframe that was delivered to the UAE-based carrier back in December 2018.

The carrier has a total of 119 Airbus A380s in the fleet, of which 87 are in active service, and 32 are currently still parked.

They have also retired four units of the type as well.


As per The Aviation Herald, it is understood that EK412’s departure out of Dubai was relatively straight forward, and climbed up to FL250 before reports of passengers hearing compressor stalls on one of it’s engines emerged.

From there, the crew onboard A6-EVF decided that they would not be able to continue on to Sydney and u-turned back to the UAE.

It is understood that the aircraft landed safely at 1322 local time this afternoon, and has not been airborne since this incident took place.

Data provided by RadarBox.com.

Emirates managed to allocate A6-EVP, another Airbus A380 in the fleet to operate EK412, which departed at 2230 local time.

At the time of writing (16/10/23 @ 1950 UK time), the aircraft is in the air and is expected to land into Sydney in less than 14 hours.

It is understood also that the delay represents around 12 hours at this present time, meaning that the return flight back to Dubai will no doubt be similar.

This is a developing story.

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