Emirates A380 Dusseldorf-Dubai Diverts to Istanbul

Emirates A380 Dusseldorf-Dubai Diverts to Istanbul
Olivier CABARET, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

An Emirates Airbus A380 operating a flight between Dusseldorf-Dubai diverted to Istanbul earlier tonight.

Incident: Emirates A380 Dusseldorf-Dubai Diverts to Istanbul…

Emirates A380 Dusseldorf-Dubai Diverts to Istanbul
Data provided by RadarBox.com.


Emirates flight EK58 is a routine scheduled flight between Dusseldorf and Dubai, with the affected rotation being operated by A6-EUQ.

As per data from Planespotters.net, A6-EUQ is a 7.1 year old Airbus A380 that was delivered to the carrier back in May 2017.

Of the aircraft variant, the airline has 119 of them, of which 87 of them are in active service and 32 are currently parked, holding an average age of nine years.

Emirates flight EK58 departed Dusseldorf at 2121 local time yesterday, and proceeded eastbound to Dubai.

Over Turkish airspace, and past Istanbul, the aircraft took a u-turn and proceeded to descend into the Turkish airport.

The aircraft landed safely into the airport not long after the decision to divert took place.

Typically, amongst Emirates A380 flights from Europe to Dubai, Istanbul is utilised as a diversion airfield for medical emergencies, as seen over the course of this year.

Such a flight from Dusseldorf is not the exception to the rule in this case.

At the time of writing (19/11/23 @ 0030 UK time), the aircraft is still on the ground in Istanbul and is expected to continue onwards to Dubai in due course.

With the aircraft already having a departure slot, this is why a medical emergency looks to be the likely cause of the diversion.

AviationSource will approach Emirates for a comment on this diversion.

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