easyJet Flight Birmingham-Palma Suffers False Hijack Alarm

easyJet Flight Birmingham-Palma Suffers False Hijack Alarm
Photo Credit: Adrian Pingstone via Wikimedia Commons.

It is understood that Palma de Mallorca Airport suffered a false hijack squawk alarm on an easyJet flight from Birmingham earlier today.

Incident: easyJet Flight Birmingham-Palma Suffers False Hijack Alarm…

easyJet Flight Birmingham-Palma Suffers False Hijack Alarm
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easyJet Europe flight U27254 is a routine scheduled flight between Birmingham and Palma de Mallorca, with the affected aircraft operating this flight being OE-LQJ.

As per data from Planespotters.net, OE-LQJ is a 14.0 year old Airbus A319-100 which started out life with the UK subsidiary back in November 2009.

By January 2018, the aircraft was transferred to the European subsidiary, which is on the Austrian OE register.

In the European subsidiary, there are 127 aircraft in the fleet, consisting of 37 A319s, 85 A320s and five A321s. Of the 127 in the fleet, 125 are in active service.

As per Aviation24, it is understood that the hijack button on easyJet flight U27254 from Birmingham was accidentally pressed whilst the aircraft was on final approach into Palma de Mallorca.

Upon arrival into the airport, OE-LQJ was met by National Police and the Civil Guard, where the aircraft was moved to a safe location at the airport and inspected by such authorities.

Following interviews with the pilots onboard, the National Police & Civil Guard concluded quickly that it was a mistake and let the passengers disembark.

The return flight from Palma de Mallorca to Birmingham was allowed to depart thereafter, running around 90 minutes late.

AviationSource will approach easyJet for a comment on this incident that took place on the Spanish island.

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