Disaster Averted at Birmingham: Air France & Ryanair Flight

Disaster Averted at Birmingham: Air France & Ryanair Flight
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Disaster was averted earlier this week at Birmingham Airport between an Air France flight to Paris & a Ryanair flight inbound from Poland.

Disaster Averted at Birmingham: Air France & Ryanair Flight…

Disaster Averted at Birmingham: Air France & Ryanair Flight
Figure #1. Data provided by RadarBox.com.
Figure 2. Data provided by RadarBox.com.
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On November 7, disaster was averted at Birmingham Airport following an Air France Airbus A321 registered as F-GTAZ rejected a takeoff whilst a Ryanair Boeing 737-800 registered as EI-EFN was on short final into the airport.

Data from Planespotters.net states that F-GTAZ is a 12 year old aircraft, which was delivered to the French carrier back in November 2011.

As for EI-EFN, this aircraft is a 14.4 year old Boeing 737-800 which was delivered to Ryanair back in July 2009.

As per The Aviation Herald, Air France flight AF1165 was in the takeoff roll when the takeoff was rejected at 75 knots, as you can see from Figure 1.

According to the report, it states that as AF1165 crossed the hold short threshold on the runway, the Ryanair flight from Poland was around 3.5 nautical miles from touchdown.

Following the rejected takeoff, this resulted in air traffic controllers advising the Ryanair flight, which was at 1,000 feet and around one nautical mile away from the runway to commence a go-around quickly.

EI-EFN went around and attempted another approach into Birmingham Airport, which was successful, which you can see from Figure 2.

As for F-GTAZ, the Air France Airbus A321 was able to depart for Paris around 15 minutes behind schedule.

Whilst a potential disaster was averted, it’s key to note that none of the aircraft were in danger at any point as the go-around procedure is a standard practice for situations like this.

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