Delta Flight From Detroit to Boston Suffers Bird Strike

Delta Flight From Detroit to Boston Suffers Bird Strike
Anna Zvereva from Tallinn, Estonia, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

A Delta Air Lines flight to Boston rejected it’s takeoff from Detroit following a bird strike incident whilst on the roll.

Incident: Delta Flight From Detroit to Boston Suffers Bird Strike…

Delta Flight From Detroit to Boston Suffers Bird Strike
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Delta Air Lines flight DL1139 is a routine flight between Detroit and Boston. In this case, N352DN, the Airbus A321 involved in the incident attempted to operate this flight on October 14.

As per data from, N352DN is a 5.5 year old airframe at the time of writing, having been delivered to the airline back in May 2018.

Of the A321-200 variant, the U.S carrier currently has a fleet of 127 units, of which 123 are in active service and four are currently parked up. They have an average fleet age of 4.9 years.

According to The Aviation Herald, Delta flight DL1139 was on the takeoff roll at Detroit due to an encounter with a flock of white seagulls.

Crew then opted to reject the departure and taxi back to the apron following this incident, with the Federal Aviation Administration noting that damage to the #1 engine cowling and leading edge of the wing had been found.

Upon that damage, it was then assessed by technicians in Detroit, with N372DN, another Airbus A321 being the replacement aircraft for this flight to Boston, and arrived two hours and 50 minutes late.

It is understood that N352DN is back in commercial service following repairs made, showing the quick turnaround in ensuring the aircraft can get back into the air safely.

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