Delta 767 Bound for New York Returns to Stockholm

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A Delta Air Lines scheduled flight from Stockholm to New York has made a return to Stockholm Arlanda Airport (ARN) shortly after departure.

Delta Air Lines flight DL205, a Boeing 767-300ER registered N191DN, was on a scheduled flight from Stockholm Arlanda Airport (ARN) to New York JFK.

The reason for the action is unclear, with unconfirmed news reports of a possible bird strike after takeoff. The aircraft appears to have initiated a fuel dump over the Baltic Sea prior to making a precautionary return to Stockholm Arlanda.

Delta 767 Bound for New York Returns to Stockholm
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N191DN is a 26.2-year-old Boeing 767-332ER(WL) that has been with the airline since its inception on April 9, 1997.

The aircraft typically seats 226 passengers in a two-class configuration and often makes hops across the Atlantic, with Stockholm Arlanda being an example of that.

It houses 26 seats in Business, and 200 in Economy.

At this stage, it is currently unclear when the aircraft will have its repairs done to the engine, as it is overly dependent on the extent of the damage caused.

This will no doubt prove to be relatively expensive for Delta Air Lines, as older aircraft typically cost more to perform such maintenance on.

We will keep an eye out for when the aircraft leaves Stockholm Arlanda, but at this stage, it is very unclear.

This is a developing story. AviationSource will approach Delta Air Lines for a comment on this incident in the hope that more info can be utilized to clear up the issue.

By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 2 Min Read
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